Community Resource List

One Heart McKinney is launching a project to create a comprehensive and regularly updated online resource list for McKinney families in crisis. With the help of local social service providers, this database will initially focus on food providers, with plans to expand to other services. Visit our website to access the list or contact us to add new providers.

One Heart McKinney has begun a project that, with the help of our many social services providers, will produce an online and regularly updated list of resources available to McKinney families experiencing a crisis. Everyone has A list, but it has proven difficult to create THE list.

To this end, One Heart McKinney has begun the task of combining various lists of social service providers that help our friends and neighbors in McKinney who are facing difficulties. Many thanks to Heart of a Matter Ministries in Sherman for providing this online tool. The first step in this process was to create entries for all organizations that provide food and related items. Please see the Community Resource Link on our home page to access this database and search for food providers. One Heart McKinney will be reaching out to each organization to demonstrate how to update their listing online should they desire. We will have volunteer staff help with curating the listings and noting which entries need to be reviewed and updated. Our hope beyond providing a locally-focused resource that can be self-updated by local providers is to save the many hours nonprofit, church, and business staff spend each year in curating multiple lists.

As we move forward, we will add additional areas of emphasis such as health, employment, and other services. The current content categories will be noted on our home page. If you are a social service provider or know of providers that would be great to add to this database, please write us at .