I Need Help

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

If you need help with resources such as food, hygiene products, health providers, counseling, rent, employment matters, or other assistance, please fill out the form below. By completing the form, your request for help will enter our secure, One Heart McKinney-coordinated network of community resources. A navigator will contact you after you submit the form, usually within 3 business days. If a form is submitted on a Friday or over the weekend, we ask for your patience as it may take an extra day or two to respond.

We would ask that you do not submit more than one request for assistance, as submitting multiple forms will likely delay our ability to respond in a timely manner.

If you have filled out a request for assistance in the past, please email us at info@oneheartmckinney.org , or call us at 214-799-1147, to provide an update on your situation if you need additional help.

***Please note that rental assistance is currently very difficult to find. However, through our wonderful group of partner organizations, there are ways to help reduce monthly household expenses that may apply to your situation.

Thank you for trusting us to review your situation for potential referrals to our partner network!