McKinney Alliance provides grant to One Heart McKinney (1/4/2024)

Ron Johnson (L), President of McKinney Alliance, and Harvey Oaxaca (R), Vice- President of McKinney Alliance, present a grant check to Scott Elliott, Executive Director of One Heart McKinney. McKinney Alliance provides grant to One Heart McKinney (1/8/2024)

The McKinney Alliance, among many other endeavors over the years, funded the ‘McKinney Thrives Report’ which was released in December of 2019. This report, analyzing well-being in McKinney across multiple areas, eventually served as a framework for the creation of One Heart McKinney. One Heart McKinney “Helps people who need help find help”, with the goal of seamless and timely referrals to resources and social service providers across our community for our friends and neighbors in need of assistance.

In a full-circle event, McKinney Alliance has given a $45,000 grant to One Heart McKinney to help with continued network and partner expansion, envisioning a future where the well-being of all citizens is positively impacted through the collaborative involvement of businesses, faith congregations, nonprofits, the City of McKinney, MISD, and First Responders.

“We are excited to launch One Heart McKinney into 2024 as they seek the well-being of families across our city”, said Ron Johnson, President of McKinney Alliance. “We are very thankful for the McKinney Alliance investment in our mission. Coming alongside friends and neighbors in need and accelerating access to assistance and opportunities that will make a difference going forward, is the logical extension of the original well-being study”, said Bruce Miller, Board Chair for One Heart McKinney.